Thursday, December 29, 2016

Math Games for Grades 4-6 (Free Online)

I recommended this collection of math games when I was teaching fifth grade. It's a great assortment for students in 4th-6th grades.

Content includes:
  • Ratios
  • Multiples
  • Factors
  • Prime/Composite
  • Multi-Digit Multiplication
  • Products/Factors
If you have other games to add to the list, drop me a comment and let me know!
Ratio Blaster - In this free online game, view a ratio (example: 3 to 6) and click to shoot at the invading spaceship that shows an equivalent ratio, written as a fraction (example: 1/2).
Table Numbers - Choose a factor from 2-9, then click on one of three numbers that represents a multiple of the chosen factor.
Prime/Composite Applet - this is a great follow-up to an exploration of prime/composite numbers and reading of You Can Count on Monsters. See if you can figure out how the picture of each number relates to prime/composite.
The Amoeba Multiplication Game - practice multi-digit multiplication by splitting numbers; use partial products to solve.

MathTappers: Multiples - add this app to your mobile device to explore multiplication and division using visual models. If your student is struggling with fluency in multiplication, this is highly recommended.
Times Square - find factors as you race to get four products in a row.
Factor Dazzle- Click on the factors of target numbers set by an opponent. Use Guest Pass or register to play against students online.

Factor Game - Click on the factors of target numbers set by an opponent. Play against the computer or a friend.

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