Monday, May 19, 2014

Fraction Arrays: What Do You Notice?

Students made a series of arrays demonstrating fraction multiplication. As a group, they studied the arrays and put them in sequential order by area. This activity alone provided incredible growth opportunity as students discovered mistakes (hey...why is that array bigger than the one next to it but the product is smaller?) and had to occasionally reformulate so that the pattern made sense.

In a subsequent discussion, we shared more observations and looked for additional patterns. We considered similarities and differences in:
  • fraction x fraction multiplication
  • fraction x whole number multiplication
  • whole number x whole number multiplication
Afterwards, students wrote reflections. I posted a sample with our display. I'm so impressed by their insights and understandings. (Click on individual photos for magnification to read student comments.)

Lesson Credit: Bridges in Mathematics, Second Edition, grade 5

Left side.


  1. Its wonderful to see your students use such rich math language to communicate their understanding of fractions, the math practices in action!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing with me. Your students have done amazing work together.


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