Monday, October 28, 2013

Math Monday Blog Hop: Math Vocabulary

Welcome to Math Monday Blog Hop!!!! In this hop all links will relate to the theme: Math Vocabulary.

This week, I'd like you to consider your own school experience. Did you use many mathematical terms? How might your math experience have been richer with more vocabulary inclusion?

Personally, I remember very little terminology. Sure, we had the basics--multiplication, addition, perimeter--but it was pretty limited. When I started teaching and had Word Resource Cards to use in the context of lessons, it brought both inspiration and challenge. I've had to learn vocabulary for the first a teacher. I'm so pleased to support students with vocabulary that helps them to explain their thinking, clarifying both what they know and what they still need to figure out. I turn to resources like:
I ask kids to write their own definitions for terms we're studying, explaining their ideas with pictures, text, and sketches. How do you integrate math vocabulary? Post your ideas in the blog hop below!

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