Monday, September 9, 2013

Announcing: the NEW Math Monday Blog Hop!!

Math Monday Blog Hops return this fall with a new--hopefully, improved--version! Here's how it works...

Each Monday will contain a new theme. The Fall 2013 schedule is:

Sept. 16: Math & Children's Literature
Sept. 23: Counting, Cardinality, and Subitizing
Sept. 30: Math Notebooking
Oct. 7: Fall or Halloween Math
Oct. 14: Geometry
Oct. 21: Fractions
Oct. 28: Math Talk
Nov. 4: Thanksgiving Math
Nov. 11: Measurement
Nov. 18: Holiday (December holidays) or Winter Math
Nov. 25: Addition & Subtraction
Dec. 2: Real Life Math
Dec. 9: Multiplication & Division
Dec. 16: Time & Money (which we have little of in December!)
Dec. 23: take a rest! No Math Monday this week!
Dec. 30: New Math Ideas (things I want to try with my students) for the New Year...think Pinterest!

You will be able to post on each topic for longer than a week; I'm currently planning to keep each theme open for the school year. That means that as you write new blog content, you'll be able to come back and post a link to the appropriate spot. And as you teach new lessons, you'll be able to find new content that relates to what you are currently teaching. The master index will be available from the  Math Monday Blog Hop Tab.

Featured Blogs & Websites
Whenever possible, I'd like to feature blogs & websites that relate to the weekly topic. If you know a fabulous blogger or website that you'd like to recommend for any of the fall topics, please post in the comments below.

Questions for Math Monday Participants: readers and bloggers
Question 1: How much does it mean to you to have thumbnails (pictures) with each link? To do that, I'll need to upgrade from a free InLinkz account to a paid one. I'll use my one freebie on Sept. 16 to see what you think. If you love the look, I'll consider making the investment. ;) (Also, if you use a thumbnail/link service that you love, let me know. I only have experience with InLinkz.)

Question 2: Have themes/topics that you'd like to see covered? Please post them in the comments and I'll add them to my list.

Excited to see you next Monday for the first Blog Hop of the school year. Start thinking about your favorite children's literature books and how they relate to MATH! ;)


  1. I've never done a blog hop. How do I submit my post to it?

    1. When the hop goes up in which you want to submit a blog post, there will be a spot to enter the url/link to your individual post. Thank you for the reminder...I need to make a "how to" blog hop post!

  2. I love pictures, but also love FREE, so would never expect you to pay for a service just for us if we can do the same thing with a free account!

  3. OOOOOOOOOOoo! I just found this and can't wait! Totally awesome! I love math books too!


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