Thursday, November 8, 2012

Admiring a Math Momma

This fall, I've been fortunate enough to have a mom participate in one of my student math clubs. Why fortunate? Like many of us, she grew up learning that there was only one way to solve each kind of problem. (How do I know the math environment in which she was raised? I went to the same school...!!) That environment put a temporary damper on her math education.  (And mine!) Yet the story doesn't end there...

During math club, as we explore different visual models and strategies, she jumps right in, enthusiastically wanting to learn more. She shares her "ah-ha" moments; rather than finding new ideas threatening, she embraces them and mulls them about in her mind, connecting concepts and strategies faster than I can teach them.

I've learned so much from her. About enthusiasm. About reserving skepticism. (I'm really good at that!) And about being a lifelong learner.

Thank you, Momma B! May each of us have the pleasure of working with a parent like you! You reignite my excitement for teaching math each time I see you.

May each of us continuously strive to find the math momma in ourselves. :)

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