Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Press Here - A Book to Impress!

Have you read Press Here by Herve Tullet? It presses my funny bone!

It's a ridiculously simple concept...  You just do what the book says. For instance:

You see a yellow dot. The text says, "PRESS HERE and turn the page." When you turn the page you see two yellow dots. Now it reads, "Great! Now press the yellow dot again." Next page: "Perfect. Rub the dot on the left... gently."

The book continues to tell you exactly what to do on each page. The picture on the next page changes, just as if the book did what you said. It will tell you to tap a dot five times...and lo and behold there are five dots on the next page. It might say to tip the book to the left. On the next page, all the dots are clustered on one side as if your actions made the dots move.

We have read this book OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER.

My 5-year-old (without prompting) even made his own version of the book. It's a natural, humorous way to teach things like basic counting, direction/position (left and right), colors and more. My 9-year-old enjoyed it every big as much as my 5-year-old. Oh, who am I kidding? I probably liked it the most. (And I'm not telling my age!)

This is a must-read. Use it as a model for kids to write their own books. Or just enjoy it. Over and over again.

P.S. The Amazon page has a lot more information, including 100 customer reviews (impressive!...for a book that came out 6 months ago!!) and a video trailer. See to believe!


  1. Thanks, Cindy. This sounds like a cool book. (I'm starting to wish I had a littler kid to enjoy picture books with me. My 9-year-old thinks he's too old for them.)

  2. Sue, do you have "big kid" picture books? Like the Sir Cumference series, for example? I'm just thinking that you could add a book like this to the pile.

    I was also reading about this (Ch. 2 of New Visions for Linking Literature and Mathematics) and noticed that they state that you should tell older kids that a book "might seem to be for younger children" but then "assure them that they too can be challenged by ideas in the book." In this book, older kids would have a great time predicting what the words and text might be on the next page.

    Don't give up! I used to read picture books to high schoolers! :)

  3. Amazon has some of his other books too- I really like this book -Kids just love it and it really is a simple concept. Enjoy the book.
    Regards from Western Canada,


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