Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pinterest Site for Math Education (+Tessellations!)

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I've succumbed. Pinterest has grabbed me. Almost my entire Pinterest site is dedicated to math. Feel free to follow along. The goodie I found this morning? An unbelievable site showing origami masks and tessellations...incredible 3D artwork "sculptures" each entirely created from 1 piece of paper. It'd be great to show students as you explore tessellation lessons. The sample below comes from one of my lessons; I had each student in my class decorate a fish to make into a tessellated poster.


  1. The link to the origami tessellations is WAY cool. I just found a book at the library about that kind of paper folding, and just yesterday went to the art stor to find some good paper. So inspiring! And, Pintrest seems like the place to be for inspiration -- thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Thanks, Malke! This pinterest stuff is a little addictive! :) So many ideas...so little time... ;)

  3. Say goodbye to all your freetime! Say hello to pinterest!

    lo! enjoy! Im following you on Pinterest now!

  4. Pinterest is addictive - just don't let it sap your creativity :)

  5. Hi! I am so glad I came across your blog! I teach Title Math and your ideas are awesome! (newest follower) COme follow me for more math ideas and centers. :)

  6. So cool! Thanks for sharing!! SO useful!
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