Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BIG QUESTION for YOU & Update: Children's Math & Literature List

What did I do today?

1. Went book shopping. That resulted in a need to update my "Math Books for Kids" list. Yes, I know I recently did it. Now it's significantly longer.

2. I added links to the list. If I've mentioned the book(s) on my blog in either the form of lesson or review, they are now linked.

3. On reader request, I put an * beside some of my favorite titles. This was hard. I like a lot of books but wanted to really limit the # of *. Too many * and they'd be meaningless. What do you think? Too few? Too many?

Here's my BIG QUESTION...

How can I make the list more helpful to you? As a teacher? As a homeschooler?

Also, specifically for teachers...  If you are using the Common Core (National) Standards in Math, would it be helpful to have some sort of links to which standards the books help to address by grade level? Or are my categories good enough?

Please leave me feedback if you have suggestions on how I might improve the list!

Thanks, bunches!


  1. Maybe showing what the subject is ie. addition, geometry etc., also grade level it would reach. Thanks

  2. I think your book list is pretty detailed. I know that I would be able to use it as is. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  3. Wow! That's a huge list. I like the way you have organized them though. The only thing that would help me is if you somehow had them also categorized by age. If you could put the preschoo-K, early elementary, late elementary, etc that would help homeschoolers be able to choose the books easier. Once you get about 1/2 way down the list it gets a bit foggy. If I had a 2nd grader I could just select the early elementary category and get a more narrowed down list to choose from.

    That's just my opinion. I have science and social studies lists of picture books like this on my website too. I think kids can learn SO much from picture books!


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