Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Smart" by Shel Silverstein (math, poetry, drama)

Math, money, and poetry. Inspired by this video, in class today, we combined the three in a little rendition of Shel Silverstein's poem, "Smart."

"Smart" can be found in Shel Silverstein's book, Where the Sidewalk Ends. You can also purchase/download the MP3 of "Smart" for less than $1.

More money lesson ideas.

More poetry/math lesson ideas.


  1. Really great stuff! My boy was pleased and proud as we watched together. Thank you!

  2. that is really just waaaay too cute! A. had a great time yesterday, thanks. Linda

  3. I love this! And perfect timing too as we just hit some questions in our math books about "whether you'd trade 1 quarter for 3 nickels" kind of thing.

  4. I loved that poem as a child!!! Too cute!


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