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Greetings! My name is Cynthia Hockman-Chupp and during my teaching career I've taught just about everything: math, literature, writing, social studies, art, science, and drama. (I even had one stint teaching freshman girls' p.e.!) I have a M.S.Ed. and am certified to teach grades K-12; I've taught almost every grade in some capacity. Most recently, I've been a teacher, curriculum consultant/developer, and workshop facilitator, working with public schools, homeschools, and my own "laboratory school" in which I teach students from a wide variety of educational backgrounds. 

On my blog I share ideas--lessons, tips, links, and printables--for teachers and parents of grades K-8. Thank you for visiting!

Product Reviews/Giveaways
If you have questions or would like me to to do a product review (children's books and math-related materials) or giveaway, email me at: love 2teach 2day @gmail.com (remove spaces)

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