Saturday, January 29, 2011

Math App Saturday (#18 Cash Cow)

It's Saturday and time to mention another fun math app:

I first read about Cash Cow lite on Teach Science and Math. I downloaded the free version and DS8 started playing.Within a few minutes, I made my second math app purchase. Ever. We bought the full version of Cash Cow.

My son's description: "You add coins together to make bigger amounts: .05, .10, .25, 1.00. If you get to higher levels you can add glowing coins together to get more money. When you're done with a level you get to buy things for your farm."

It's a great little game for identifying coin values and putting various combinations together to produce higher valued coins. The game hasn't lost it's intrigue after accompanying us to a lot of basketball games. I, too, find it fun. We've definitely gotten our $.99 out of it.

Check out other math apps I've reviewed. The majority are free.


  1. Nice blog! Keep up the good work.

    Please take a look at Tic Tac Math Universal on iTunes in the App Store. It's a fun and familiar strategy game that lets kids to choose to play against the computer or another person; decide between addition, subtraction, multiplication or division and pick from easy (1 digit numbers), advanced (2 digit numbers) or expert (3 digit numbers). Artificial intelligence built into the programming generates random equation grids to keep the games fresh and eliminate redundancy. It also offers the opportunity for complete recall because there is no multiple choice. Kids get the educational efficacy of flash cards, but just a lot more fun!

    Tic Tac Math is available in Fractions and Algebra versions, too.

    For full disclosure, they're not free games. But there are no ads in them either. We believe that we've created a good product that delivers educational value. It's our work and, like most people, we like to get paid for our work.

    After all, if Starbucks can charge $5 for a Venti Mocha, is it too much to ask for a fun math app that kids can play over and over?

  2. My kids are both enjoying this one right now! Thanks!


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