Saturday, August 7, 2010

Math App Saturday (#4, Puzzles & Problem Solving, part 1)

Saturday series on using educational apps for iTouch/iPhone/iPad continues with several traditional puzzle/problem solving strategy games. Most are particularly good for spatial awareness and encourage players to look for patterns, a key "ingredient" to building mathematical thinking skills. At posting, all the games are FREE...

Electronic version of the classic "Connect 4" game.

Peg Jump
Electronic version of the classic wooden board and peg puzzle game.
Tournament Reversi

Super easy to learn but challenging to master. (If this is easy for you, please don't tell me!) Object is to capture the most game tokens by the end of the game. I mentioned this in a post on the board game, Othello, as it's an electronic version.

Return next Saturday for "Puzzles & Problem Solving, part 2."


  1. I LOVE your app blog...found it from the Living Math forum. Thought I would add an app that fits neatly into this category: my six year-old and I love to play IRL pente, so he was the one to think to look for an app for it. He found a lite version--we play it on the iPad and I can't recall if it's an iPad or iPhone app, but it's great! I give him a handicap in that I won't attempt to win diagonally (for now!), and he's hooked.

    Thanks again for a great series!

  2. Thank you! I'll check it out. Sounds great!


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