Friday, August 20, 2010

New Children's Class for September

For those who are local, I will be offering a new class in September, appropriate for ages 8-10 (approximately). We will be studying "Place Value Structures." The curriculum and course description are taken from Bridges in Mathematics.

Course Description: Most [8-10 year old] students "have already become familiar with the numbers, models, and words used in our base ten number system. As a result, students are often able to mask their lack of comprehension by using the correct labels without understanding their meaning. For instance, a student may know that the number 143 is read as "one hundred forty-three" without necessarily comprehending that in our base ten system, 143 means 1 group of one hundred, 4 groups of ten, and 3 ones.

By using [base 5], we level the playing field so that students with varying levels of place value understanding can learn together. Covering the same place value concepts in the familiar language of base ten would not challenge or engage a highly capable child in the way a different counting system does. In this new arena, all students can deepen their conceptual and procedural knowledge of number systems." (from Bridges in Mathematics)

We will also do some calendar grid workouts that set the foundation for multiplication using array models.

Class sessions use hands-on manipulatives, visual models, and games.

September 9,16, 23, 30.
9-11 am

If you are local and have interest in participating, please drop me an email for more information. :)

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