Saturday, July 24, 2010

Math App Saturday (#2, Add/Subtract/Mult/Divide)

Saturday series on using educational apps for iTouch/iPhone/iPad continues with games that promote skills practice with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. At posting, they are all FREE...

Math Zombie
In 10 seconds (or without the time mode), combine numbers to equal the number shown. The more numbers you use, the more points you earn. Practices addition facts to 20. All ages enjoy the game. Since you can set the time mode on or off, it also provides a challenge appropriate for a variety of levels.

Math Races
Skills practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Presentation isn't terribly exciting...if you're looking for traditional fact skills practice, this is it.

Burn Your Brain: Math

FAST paced game. You are presented with a math problem and you must immediately say whether the number sentence is true or false. Challenging!

24 Lite
"An addictive new take on a classic math card game! The goal of the game is deceptively simple: make the number 24 using the four given numbers and basic arithmetic -- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division."


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog--thanks for all your efforts and information!

  2. My kiddos will enjoy these. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your free finds with us!

  3. I love your blog and am so inspired by your ideas. I also appreciate the tips on free Apps!


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