Saturday, July 17, 2010

Math App Saturday (#1, Number Line)

Ever consider the educational possibilities for an iTouch or iPhone? Using educational apps?

A good friend is set to begin teaching 3rd grade this fall. The district received a grant, enabling every third grade student to have an iTouch. She (and I) are looking for apps to promote skills practice and concept development in math. She'll be using them in her classroom. I'll be giving them to my student when we're sitting at an appointment or standing in line at the grocery store. Over time I will post apps that appeal to a variety of ages and ability levels. I'm less interested in drill/flashcard/traditional "story problem" material than I am in games and activities that present skill practice and/or concept development in a unique (fun!) way.

As long as I continue to find quality apps, I'll post a couple new links each Saturday, usually by math topic.

I'd love your help! Please comment with names of your favorites; I'm looking for FREE or very inexpensive apps. Many free apps seem to be slowly adding advertisements, although I haven't found it to be a major problem. Yet.

Let's begin with two number line apps (at posting they are both FREE):

Number Line
Player drags circles containing a fraction, decimal or percent onto the number line in order from lowest to highest. Here's a demo.

Pearl Diver
I listed this earlier this week, but want to mention it again.  I've played it several times since then and marvel at it's design.

In this game, available on the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch (or play online) the "pearl diver" must swim to the bottom of the sea, while avoiding electronic eels. The "sea" is a number line with increasing levels of difficulty. I played with numberlines that included: 1-10, negative to positive numbers, fractions, etc. One time I made it to the sixth level or so (my excuse is that I was interrupted by a little helper!) and could barely figure out the mixed fractions fast enough to survive. My 7yo enjoys the first several levels; he isn't ready for the more difficult problems. He loves the "cutting Sushi" activity between levels. Players cut Sushi into fractional parts and are rewarded points based on how close they get to the target. Very fun, interesting game for numberline skills practice and development of number sense. [Note: you can play online -OR- download for iPod]


  1. OOH! Thanks for this! I read about your blog on the living math forum and couldn't wait to check it out!

    I recently *won* an iPad and decided my unschooling family is going to have "iSchool" this year just to explore the limitless possibilities of this beautiful technology.

    My kids so far love SoundDrop, which is free, and my 11 year-old likes Tic Tac Math Fractions, which at $4.99 was pricey but worth it for me!

    Looking forward to more posts!

  2. Thanks for the recommendations! More coming next Saturday!

  3. Hello - I came across your blog through a link love chain through Mouse Grows Mouse Learns. We've been on the hunt as well for great apps and are sharing what we find at http://apps4ikids . Thanks for sharing these! I'm not sure what age you're targetting, but Teach Me Kindergarten and Math Bingo are 2 apps reviewed on the site that are $0.99 that we've really liked. There are a few I've reviewed where I have not liked their approach and just haven't found effective. One app I am looking forward to and will be trying out later is a Montessori math app that has recently come out (but has a few bugs).

  4. Thanks for the link to your site. Looks fabulous! I'm really looking for ideas for K-8, more or less. (Math and free are high on the list!) I look forward to reading your reviews. I saw the entry on lemonade stand (haven't read it, just glanced at the post)...if it's the same app (I think there are multiple lemonade stand ones), it's one of my kids' favorites. My son played it over and over on a trip to China.

    I'll try to link your site on one of my next entries.

    Thanks for the info!!

  5. Very helpful. You may also check other software in my blog:

    Most of it are for high school though. And by the way, thanks for submitting this to the Math and Multimedia Blog Carnival.

    Guillermo Bautista
    Mathematics and Multimedia

  6. I'm stopping by from the workbox list. Thanks so much for posting great learning apps! I love using my iTouch during homeschool. Almost as much as the kids love playing with it!


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